Parsec Portfolios is designed to meet the needs of clients who don't need
extensive financial planning, but do need portfolio management.

Parsec Portfolios

Parsec offers an investment management-only service to those clients with assets up to $400,000 - Parsec Portfolios.

With a lower minimum fee of $300 per quarter, these portfolios are often suited for clients who are saving and growing their portfolio. For Parsec Portfolios accounts we use a mix of broadly diversified mutual funds, index funds and ETFs. The accounts are periodically rebalanced to the stated target asset allocation. We focus on funds with reasonable expenses and good long-term track records. As always, Parsec receives no commission. And the best part is, you know your portfolio is in the hands of a credentialed advisor who is watching over your investments. You can pick up the phone and call anytime you have questions.

As a Parsec Portfolios client you can expect the following:

  • An Investment Policy Statement, updated periodically as your financial situation changes
  • An annual letter that confirms your asset allocation, saving/spending, and account beneficiaries
  • A credentialed advisor available to you to answer portfolio related questions
  • Parsec to review your portfolio quarterly, rebalance as needed, and continually review the investments within your portfolio


Parsec Portfolios Financial Plan

Parsec offers financial planning on a one-time basis for current and prospective clients. The fee for the plan is $1,500 and includes the following as necessary:

  • Retirement savings goals and projection
  • Kid's education savings goals and projection
  • Which debt should be paid off first and how quickly
  • What types of retirement accounts are most advantageous
  • Asset allocation recommendation
  • How to plan for other financial goals, such as buying a house
  • Net worth statement
  • Net worth projection 


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