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Criteria for Inclusion

Medical Economics, "Best Financial Advisers," 2011

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Advisor should have a depth of knowledge about a broad range of financial issues, evidenced by credentials, such as CFP.
  • There should be a focus on physician business or the medical field.
  • Advisor should have a minimum of 10 years of experience.
  • Advisor should offer services to a broad geographic range.
  • In the past for inclusion the advisor must have been fee-based or fee-only.   Now inclusion is open to commission-based advisors.
  • Advisors should require $1 million or less as a minimum.
  • Advisors should be good standing' as evidenced by the national databases of the SEC and NASD.
  • Advisors selected for inclusion are not ranked against one another.


Wealth Manager, "Top Dog," 2001-2008

Criteria for inclusion:

  • Advisor should be a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), with it's own IARD/CRD number.
  • Advisor must offer financial planning services.
  • Fifty percent of the firm's clients must meet the SEC's definition of "high net worth individuals."
  • Firm must not be a Trust company, bank or broker-dealer.
  • Eligible firms must enter submission to be included.
  • Eligible firms are ranked by assets under management, which includes all discretionary and non-discretionary assets.   Commission assets are ineligible.


Worth - The 250 Best Financial Advisers, "The Top Two-Fifty," July/August 2002

Criteria for inclusion:

"Selecting the best advisers from among the many standouts who counsel America's wealthy is no easy task. We start by accepting nominations from readers, industry associations, investment firms, and the advisers we know. Candidates are asked to complete an extensive survey detailing their backgrounds, professional designations, client-retention rates, and average portfolio returns. We also ask candidates for their best ideas about wealth management and study them carefully. Advisers in the running must submit a sample financial plan and two letters of recommendation. Registered investment advisers must also supply their services, fee structures, and disciplinary histories (this is a document that any prospective client should review). We verify credentials with industry associations and check backgrounds using the Lexis legal database to search court records."